Patrick Cummings is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker.

He began his career as a writer in advertising. Somewhere around his one-millionth script rejection, he realized that he’d rather be out shooting. So, he left advertising and instantly became a director.

OK. There were a few other steps along the way.

After ad agency life, Patrick worked as a writer-director for MTV’s On-Air Promo Department. There, he made all types of weird things with pop stars like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Mylie Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kid Kudi, and many others. He also directed almost all of the promo campaigns for the show “Teen Wolf”. During this time, he cultivated his filmmaking chops and focused on his love for dark comedy and horror. While at MTV he was nominated for an Emmy.

Today, Patrick is an independent director working with with brands like Toyota, Jeep, BMW, McDonald’s, Babybel, Starburst, Accor Hotels, History Channel, A&E, Comedy Central, IFC, MTV,  and many others. Having partnered with several of the industry’s leading visual effects companies, Patrick specializes in projects that merge live action, cinematic comedy and VFX. His short films have been played on Vice, IFC, and at several film festivals.

When Patrick’s not working, he’s probably still working on something. Most recently he’s been focused learning on how to get baby spit-up stains out of his good sweatpants.

CONTACT: patrickburkecummings@gmail.com